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Ancient Roads and Bridges

A very important factor for the success of the Roman empire was its very expanded net of infrastructure (and especially of its roads). These roads connected all provinces with the capital Rome - all roads le(a)d to Rome. Some parts of these roads have survived up to today, every now and then someone discovers another bit of them. The most famous one is the Via Appia Antica which passes through the park of the same name.
But there are other, lesser known roads, that are still intact. Many of them can be visited. Further, some of the antique bridges built by the Romans are still in use.

Ponte Mammolo

Actually there are two bridges by that name - one of Roman origin and the other one from the 19th century.
The ancient bridge led the Via Tiburtina across the Aniene River and was conserved almost completely up to the war events of 1849. Its rests are still visible, a smaller and a larger arch still span across the Aniene River. Unfortunately one can note cross the bridge at the moment, it is closed off. This should change, though, once the Valle dell'Aniene will be realized and open to the public.
The second bridge has been built in 1853 (upon order by Pope Pius IX) because of the war damage the ancient bridge suffered. This one is still conserved, the Via Tiburtina still crosses the river on it - right where Viale Palmiro Togliatti and Via Tiburtina intersect each other.

Address: Via degli Alberini/Viale Palmiro Togliatti (C12)
Transportation: Metro B Station Ponte Mammolo, or Bus 449, 451, 508


Ponte di Nona

Ponte di Nona
The name gives the information on its location (translated: bridge at the ninth mile) on the Via Prenestina. It stretches over 125 meters (ca. 480 feet) and is 16 meters high (ca. 50 feet). Its central arch includes a much older bridge from the end of the second/beginning of the first century BC.
The Via Prenestina with all of its current traffic still does cross the litte creek on this bridge.

Address: Via Prenestina km 15,000 (d7)
Transportation: Bus 501, 508, 056


Ponte Nomentano

Ponte Nomentano
At the place where the Via Nomentana crosses the Aniene River the has been built. It had first been built during ancient Roman times but has been destroyed several times (e.g. in 549 AD. by the Goths or in 1849 by the French). It has been reconstructed every time. At some point it has been transformed into a little fortress (cf. the photos). The present building unifies elements from over 2000 years of history. The bridge is located in a quiet part of the natural reserve Valle dell'Aniene.
Ponte Nomentano

Opening hours: The bridge can be crossed at any time
Address: Via Nomentana (B9)
Transportation: Bus 36, 80, 84, 90, 211, 342