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Rome, the Eternal City, the world-wide renown tourist magnet has more to offer than Colosseum, St. Peter, Piazza Navona and the rest of its impressive historic center. It is there where many of the sights are located but already 2000 years ago caput mundi, the head of the world, as Rome was called, stretched out beyond the city walls and into the campagna romana. In those areas the rural villas of rich Romans were located, along the consular roads the mauseoleums and tombs of influential and well-situated Roman families lined up. Medieval watch towers, farm houses, antique aqueducts, rests of the pavement of the consular roads, on which the power of the Roman Empire was based, but also modern architecture can be discovered in those areas.

Many of those sights are rather not known to the public but they can render a stay in Rome something unforgettable. Besides, the areas outside the city walls, the Roman periphery, offers the possibility of meeting today's Romans in their "natural habitat". Moreover, often accommodation is much cheaper than in the center; often they are connected rather well with public transportation means.

Everyone who wants to get a more or less complete idea of what Rome is like has to go and visit the historic center and the peripheral areas.

The aim of this website is to present to the interested reader and maybe future visitor of Rome the sights that are worth being visited. It has to be taken into consideration, thought, that a three-day-stay is simply not enough to see more than only the basic attractions. Or one has to stay a longer period - at least a week - or has to come back.

I would like to invite all visitors of my website to get into contact with me and the other visitors. Just make use of the guestbook, the forum or contact me via email.

This website is based on my own experiences and on literature studies. Therefore I apologize for eventual mistakes that might be included on these pages.
I have put a lot of effort and time into the development of this website and hence would be happy about comments, critique and compliments (my 3 C's!).
Enjoy yourself!